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Aazar - Reload Original Mix.mp3
Baauer feat Aluna George - One Touch VIP Edit.mp3
Big Sean - IDFWU (ETC!ETC! Bootleg) Dirty.mp3
Clinton Sparks - Geronimo Original Mix.mp3
Consenza - Wiggle Ur Butt Original Mix.mp3
Dennis Blaze - Pick It Up Mixshow Edit (Dirty).mp3
Dienvy - Blow (Shake Your Tambourine) Clean.mp3
DiMi Marc feat Gutter Brothers - WRCK LNRP Mixshow Edit (Clean).mp3
DJ Blass feat Red Rat - Back It Up LNRP Mixshow Edit (Clean).mp3
DJ E-Rock and Clayton William feat Nayelli - Move It All Around Dirty.mp3
DJ Kontrol and Steve 1der - Activate Dirty.mp3
DJ Snake and Alunageorge - You Know You Like It Radio Edit.mp3
DJ Turbulence - Open Your Mouth Original Mix.mp3
DJ Wat Else - Dump It Original Mix.mp3
Dozay - Booty Rockin Mixshow Edit (Dirty).mp3
Hot Damage feat Jason Perez - Twerk Your Enthusiasm Clean.mp3
Jimmy Dalton feat Cutty Ranks - Kill Dem Clean.mp3
Justina Valentine feat Pyrmds - Let The Birds Fly Dirty.mp3
King Kan - Drop It LNRP Mixshow Edit (Clean).mp3
Lil Jon feat Tyga - Bend Ova LNRP Mixshow Edit (Dirty).mp3
Milo and Otis - Send It Up Dirty.mp3
Party Favor - Bap U Original Mix.mp3
Phantogram - Fall in Love (Mike D's Sligh Twerk Remix) Mixshow Edit (Clean).mp3
Saint - Like A Hoe Original Mix.mp3
SCRVP and Johnny Good - Lose It Original Mix.mp3
Skrillex feat Fatman Scoop - Recess LNRP Mixshow Edit (Clean).mp3
Splurt - OMW2SYG (Swiggity Swooty) Original Mix.mp3
Tropkillaz and Buku - Follow The Beat Original Mix.mp3
Twerkillaz - Make That Booty Go Original Mix.mp3
TZ - Can You Feel It Twerk Original Mix.mp3
Yellow Claw - DKNY Original Mix.mp3

Alex Peace - Yeah Clean.mp3
Buzz Trillington - Ima Make It Clean.mp3
Caked Up and Jayceeoh - King Shit Original Mix.mp3
Caked Up and Meaux Green - Thirsty Clean.mp3
Dillon Francis and DJ Snake - Get Low CEO 2 Min Edit.mp3
DJ Scene and Jayceeoh - Damn Original Mix.mp3
Goon Bags - Dope (One Night Stand) Original Mix.mp3
Gutter Brothers - WRCK Clean.mp3
Hyper Crush - Illegalities LNRP Mixshow Edit (Dirty).mp3
JayCeeOh, Compose and Kowai Kowai - Pick It Up (Choice Is Yours) Clean.mp3
Lil Jon and DJ Kontrol - Ladies Birthday Anthem Dirty.mp3
Meaux Green and Tropkillaz - Pump Up The Volume Original Mix.mp3
Mighty Mi and Slugworth - Make Trap Say Twerk Dirty.mp3
Noodles - Get Low Dirty.mp3
Nova - Down With the Gangstas Clean.mp3
Ookay - Stick Up EP Big.mp3
Ookay - Stick Up EP Stick Up.mp3
Ruen and Mister Gray - Drop It Down Low Clean.mp3
Token - Twerk (Remixes) EP Drop Back (Treovr Remix).mp3
Token - Twerk (Remixes) EP Dropout Twerk (Grimace Remix).mp3
Token - Twerk (Remixes) EP Dropout Twerk (Original Mix).mp3
Token - Twerk (Remixes) EP Make It Clap (Baaze Remix) feat Suzi Homewrecker.mp3
Token - Twerk (Remixes) EP Make It Clap (In Fact Blue Remix) feat Suzi Homewrecker.mp3
Token - Twerk (Remixes) EP Make It Clap (Notixx Remix) feat Suzi Homewrecker.mp3
Token - Twerk (Remixes) EP Make It Clap (Original Mix) feat Suzi Homewrecker.mp3
Token - Twerk (Remixes) EP Sizzle Slap (Original Mix).mp3
Token - Twerk (Remixes) EP Sizzle Slap (Twiggie Smalls Remix).mp3

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  EDM TWERK PACK 11.25.14

EDM Part 5 & 6 | 09.15.14

Deorro - Dechorro (Uberjak'd Remix).mp3 | 10.38 MB
Deorro - Dechorro (Whyel Remix).mp3 | 10.05 MB
Holl & Rush - No Traces (Original Mix).mp3 | 9.59 MB
Money-G - Goodbye (Club Mix).mp3 | 11.43 MB
Plissken - Space Funk (Original Mix).mp3 | 12.53 MB
Revolvr - Quantum (Original Mix).mp3 | 10.89 MB
Wilkinson - Half Light [feat. Tom Cane] (Stadiumx Remix).mp3 | 13.75 MB
Aquadrop & Big Fish - Gyal Like Me [feat. Stush] (Wiwek Remix).mp3 | 11.61 MB
Chocolate Puma - Rubberband Lazer (Original Mix).mp3 | 8.86 MB
Deorro - Dechorro (Chardy Remix).mp3 | 10.51 MB
Bingo Players - Knock You Out (Hardwell Remix).mp3 | 14.79 MB
Chuckie vs. LMFAO - Let The Bass Kick In Miami Bitch (Lucky Date & Megaphonics Remix).mp3 | 10.21 MB
Husman - Who We Are (Original Mix).mp3 | 13.19 MB
Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl - Hear Me [feat. Christine Hoberg] (Original Mix).mp3 | 16.54 MB
Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl - Hear Me [feat. Christine Hoberg] (The Only Remix).mp3 | 10.71 MB
Jewelz & Scott Sparks - Kingdom (Original Mix) .mp3 | 10.30 MB
Laidback Luke & Marc Benjamin - We're Forever [feat. Nuthin' Under A Million] (Original Mix).mp3 | 9.46 MB
Lush & Simon - Hunter (Original Mix).mp3 | 11.34 MB
Pink Is Punk - Pinball (Merk & Kremont Edit).mp3 | 10.66 MB
Sander Van Doorn, Martin Garrix & DVBBS - Gold Skies [feat. Aleesia] (Original Mix).mp3 | 12.70 MB



EDM 09.01.14

Dirty Shade - Compromise (Original Mix).mp3 | 12.07 MB
Don Diablo - Knight Time (Original Mix).mp3 | 12.41 MB
Firebeatz - Bazooka (Original Mix).mp3 | 9.16 MB
Henry Fong & Reece Low - Slapjack (Original Mix).mp3 | 9.23 MB
Jay Hardway - Bootcamp (Original Mix).mp3 | 11.48 MB
Jewelz & Scott Sparks - Unless We Forget [feat. Quilla] (Julian Calor Remix).mp3 | 12.74 MB
Klauss Goulart & FTampa - Samba (Original Mix).mp3 | 11.37 MB
Marcus Schossow & Arston - The Universe (Original Mix).mp3 | 12.52 MB
Matierro & Dean Elbaz - Leverage (Original Mix).mp3 | 10.04 MB
Mell Tierra - Conductor (Original Mix).mp3 | 12.08 MB
New World Sound - Pineapple (Original Mix).mp3 | 10.64 MB
Nom De Strip & Wiwek - Annihilation (Original Mix).mp3 | 9.27 MB
R3hab - Unstoppable [feat. Eva Simons] (Extended Mix).mp3 | 9.99 MB
Sandro Silva & D.O.D - Chasing Dreams [feat. Nuthin' Under A Million] (Original Mix).mp3 | 12.06 MB
Sultan + Ned Shepard vs. John Dish - Renegade Master (Back Once Again) (Original Mix).mp3 | 12.93 MB
Tiesto - Wasted [feat. Matthew Koma] (TST Remix).mp3 | 10.55 MB
Tiesto - Wasted [feat. Matthew Koma] (Ummet Ozcan Club Mix).mp3 | 13.63 MB
Tommy Trash - Lord Of The Trance (Original Mix).mp3 | 12.39 MB
Watermat - Bullit (Original Mix).mp3 | 16.30 MB
Yves V & Rudebo1 - Crash (Original Mix).mp3 | 12.90 MB


DJ POOL July 2014 | EDM

4 Strings-Living Colors (Original Mix).mp3 (16.24 MB)
Addictive Glance-Undine (Original Mix).mp3 (19.56 MB)
Adrian Lux ft Last Lynx-Smoke & Mirrors (Clean).mp3 (7.21 MB)
Aiden Jude-Tonight (Original Mix).mp3 (12.59 MB)
Alberto Fabbris & Kilian Taras-Soar (Original Mix).mp3 (12.42 MB)
Alex Aglieri-Black Moon (Original Mix).mp3 (16.49 MB)
Alex Prime ft Veela-Lady Lipstick (Original Mix).mp3 (9.21 MB)
Alex Sellens-Alright (Original Mix).mp3 (15.49 MB)
Alexander Cherry-That Town (Original Mix).mp3 (14.15 MB)
Alexandra Stan-Cherry Pop (Original Mix).mp3 (9.12 MB)
Alfredo Mena-My House (Original Mix).mp3 (16.86 MB)
Ally Brown & Rob Van Arden-The Next Page (Original Mix).mp3 (19.12 MB)
Alpharock-Drop The Guns (Original Mix).mp3 (14.07 MB)
Alter Modo-Lime (Original Mix).mp3 (11.38 MB)
Alvaro Conca & Kiko Carrera-Take My Hand (Original Mix).mp3 (13.65 MB)
American Dub Mafia, Ike Okani & Samsa-Dont Give Up (Original Mix).mp3 (8.10 MB)
Amersy-Professional Raver (Original Mix).mp3 (10.61 MB)
Andre Van Reese-Recovered (Original Mix).mp3 (18.06 MB)
Andrea Roma & Matt Minimal-Hope (Original Mix).mp3 (14.70 MB)
Andreas Rodlund & Matt Hewie ft Roland Richards-Monismania (Original Mix).mp3 (9.44 MB)
Andrew Bayer-Bullet Catch (Original Mix).mp3 (15.56 MB)
Andrew Belize Ft Stephanie Kay-Emptiness (Original Mix).mp3 (10.06 MB)
Andy Jay Powell & Mike Nero-Like An Animal (Original Mix).mp3 (12.89 MB)
AnLight-No Advance (Original Mix).mp3 (16.91 MB)
Anteo-Swing (Original Mix).mp3 (12.82 MB)
Antoine Delvig-Huacas (Original Mix).mp3 (10.38 MB)
Antonio Giacca-Chemistry (Original Mix).mp3 (11.72 MB)
Artra & Holland-Save Me (Original Mix).mp3 (15.27 MB)
Avicii-Lay Me Down (Main).mp3 (13.94 MB)
Avicii-Lay Me Down (Radio Mix).mp3 (7.76 MB)
Banana Seat-Pump Dance (Original Mix).mp3 (9.46 MB)
Bare-Trooper (Original Mix).mp3 (10.96 MB)
Bass King-Velvet Flashback (Original Mix).mp3 (12.97 MB)
Bass Kleph-Let It Rip (Original Mix).mp3 (10.02 MB)
Basto-Zurna (Original Mix).mp3 (10.78 MB)
Bellini-Samba Do Brasil (Original Mix).mp3 (7.61 MB)
Ben Orsound-Take Me Higher (Original Mix).mp3 (15.64 MB)
Big & Fat-Hellium (Radio Mix).mp3 (9.89 MB)
Blake Jarrell-Socotra (Original Mix).mp3 (14.09 MB)
Bootsmen-Drop (Original Mix).mp3 (10.45 MB)
Borgeous-Wildfire (Original Mix).mp3 (11.48 MB)
Borgore-Ratchet (Original Mix).mp3 (6.41 MB)
Born2groove-Feel And Groove (Original Version).mp3 (17.20 MB)
Born2groove-You Can Feel (Original Version).mp3 (15.51 MB)
Born2groove-You Can Feel (Radio Edit).mp3 (8.07 MB)
Burns-Emos (Original Mix).mp3 (10.21 MB)
Carmen Marie-Lovin (Clean).mp3 (11.17 MB)
Charlie Darker-Guns for Hire (Original Mix).mp3 (11.53 MB)
Chocolate Puma ft Kris Kiss-Step Back (Original Mix).mp3 (13.21 MB)
Christatic-Le Disco Nap (Extended Version ).mp3 (13.49 MB)
Collective Machine-Shake You (Original Mix).mp3 (17.24 MB)
Coyu-Balls (Original Mix).mp3 (15.65 MB)
Coyu-In My Mind (Original Mix).mp3 (20.08 MB)
Craft Integrated-New Dimension (Original Mix).mp3 (16.96 MB)
Cristian Kriz-Impulse (Original Mix).mp3 (10.83 MB)
Dae Juan -Aint Nobody (Rave Version).mp3 (9.34 MB)
Damian William-Knightrider (Original Mix).mp3 (14.46 MB)
Damomusik-House Thing (Rezzonator House Thing Remix).mp3 (15.60 MB)
Danny Roy-Bad Boy (Original Mix).mp3 (10.03 MB)
Dave Gluskin-Circle (Colombo Radio Edit).mp3 (8.70 MB)
Dave Gluskin-Circle (Colombo Remix).mp3 (14.53 MB)
Dave Gluskin-Circle (DJ D Xtreme Radio Edit).mp3 (9.67 MB)
Dave Gluskin-Circle (DJ D Xtreme Remix).mp3 (19.01 MB)
Dave Gluskin-Circle (DJ Rob E Radio Edit).mp3 (10.85 MB)
Dave Gluskin-Circle (DJ Rob E Remix).mp3 (15.95 MB)
Dave Gluskin-Circle (Nology Radio Edit).mp3 (8.47 MB)
Dave Gluskin-Circle (Nology Remix).mp3 (11.91 MB)
Dave Gluskin-Circle (Original Mix).mp3 (19.61 MB)
Dave Gluskin-Circle (Original Radio Edit).mp3 (9.12 MB)
Dave Gluskin-Circle (Rob More Radio Edit).mp3 (7.88 MB)
Dave Gluskin-Circle (Rob More Remix).mp3 (10.13 MB)
Dave Gluskin-Circle (Stylus Radio Edit).mp3 (9.89 MB)
Dave Gluskin-Circle (Stylus Remix).mp3 (19.55 MB)
David Amo, Maximus Bellini & Juan Medina-Something Special (Original Mix).mp3 (8.47 MB)
David Gravell-Timebomb (Original Mix).mp3 (15.14 MB)
David Guetta-Lovers On The Sun (All Gold Remix).mp3 (10.46 MB)
Decaville-Never Stop (Original Mix).mp3 (9.78 MB)
Denis Kenzo & Alexandra Badoi-Lifetime Change (Original Mix).mp3 (14.69 MB)
Derrick L Boone-Night Groove (Original ).mp3 (10.92 MB)
Diego Laruelo-Who Am I_ (Extended Mix).mp3 (17.10 MB)
Diego Laruelo-Who Am I_ (Radio ).mp3 (10.41 MB)
Digital Cassette-Nobody (Original Mix).mp3 (13.85 MB)
Digital Junkiez ft Rachel Costanzo-Wherever You Are (Original Mix).mp3 (12.91 MB)
Diphill-Zedd - Spectrum Ft. Matthew Koma (Diphill Remix).mp3 (15.54 MB)
Dirty Ducks & Anderblast-Hammer (Original Mix).mp3 (11.10 MB)
Dirty Rush & Gregor Es-Clapper (Original Mix).mp3 (9.58 MB)
DJ Buddha & Devastator-Dat Bass (Original Mix).mp3 (8.10 MB)
Domeno & Mikey Salerno-Science (Original Mix).mp3 (12.33 MB)
Dont Look Now-Do You Want (Original Mix).mp3 (16.11 MB)
Dramatello-Here We Go (Original Mix).mp3 (8.57 MB)
Dropdat From Trackbullies-Drop And Twerk (Original).mp3 (11.24 MB)
Drumlordz-Captain D Boomin (EDM Twerk).mp3 (8.00 MB)
Drumlordz-Pluto Magic (Edm).mp3 (9.85 MB)
DubVision-Hollow (Original Mix).mp3 (13.37 MB)
Dynasty & The Oracle-Let It Go (Original Mix).mp3 (9.37 MB)
Edgar Hart & John Bowman-Move Back (Original Mix).mp3 (9.23 MB)
Far East Movement & Alvita-Movement (Original Mix).mp3 (8.77 MB)
FEDUP-Found What's Right For Me (Back In Control Of My Life) (Radio Edit).mp3 (8.42 MB)
Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels-Before You Came (Original Mix).mp3 (11.01 MB)
Francesco Gomez-Brazil (Original Mix).mp3 (14.93 MB)
Franky Rizardo-A New Recreation (Original Mix).mp3 (14.90 MB)
Frontload-Dr Who (Original Mix).mp3 (12.74 MB)
Gareth Emery-Long Way Home (Original Mix).mp3 (19.24 MB)
Gil Say-The Depth Of The Ocean (Original Mix).mp3 (14.48 MB)
Glowjack-Raise Ur Hands (Original Mix).mp3 (11.72 MB)
Groove Phenomenon & Jan Vega-Mama Say Mama Sa (Original Mix).mp3 (13.23 MB)
Guille Placencia & George Privatti-Madagascar (Original Mix).mp3 (16.14 MB)
Gus Albert-The Minority (Radio).mp3 (9.42 MB)
Hard Lights-Ultra Glow (Original Mix).mp3 (13.80 MB)
Harel Uzan & Eran Hersh-Drop It Like That (Original Mix).mp3 (11.19 MB)
Harrys & Fly-Threat (Original Mix).mp3 (12.05 MB)
Henry Fong-Takin It Back (Original Mix).mp3 (14.30 MB)
Hot Mouth-Flicker (Original Mix).mp3 (10.38 MB)
Ingek-Dreamers (Original Mix).mp3 (12.83 MB)
Ivan Bryuler-Curious (Original Mix).mp3 (16.29 MB)
Jacob van Hage-Raid (Original Mix).mp3 (12.37 MB)
Jacopo Ferrari-Call From A Stranger (Original Mix).mp3 (16.32 MB)
Jakob Liedholm-Wolf (Original Mix).mp3 (14.12 MB)
Jamie de Von-Sublimer (Original Mix).mp3 (15.88 MB)
Jay Mexx-The Grey (Original Mix).mp3 (16.17 MB)
Jay Roms-Whales (Original Mix).mp3 (15.41 MB)
Jayden Parx-Poltergeist (Original Mix).mp3 (9.64 MB)
Jayden Parx-Without You (Original Mix).mp3 (9.79 MB)
Jess Glynne-Right Here (Original Mix).mp3 (8.49 MB)
Jetfire & Happy Enemies-Brazil (Original Mix).mp3 (12.58 MB)
Jewelz & Sparks-Kingdom (Original Mix).mp3 (10.26 MB)
Johan Malmgren-Vogue (Original Mix).mp3 (13.34 MB)
Johnny Beast-Drop It (Original Mix).mp3 (12.26 MB)
Jorge Montia & Tony Puccio-Lets Start It (Original Mix).mp3 (15.33 MB)
Josh Elmo-Man Down (Original Mix).mp3 (10.11 MB)
Justin Caruso & Dave Aude ft Miss Palmer-Tears (Radio Mix).mp3 (8.36 MB)
Justin Michael ft Phillip LaRue-Young Forever (Original Mix).mp3 (15.75 MB)
K Fel-Pantheon (Original Mix).mp3 (15.82 MB)
Karasho & Lqd Hrmny-Hera (Original Mix).mp3 (9.23 MB)
KC Lights-The Voyage & The World (Original Mix).mp3 (10.41 MB)
Kicks & Snares-Tiny (Original Mix).mp3 (11.01 MB)
Kid Massive & Incognet-Lets Go (Original Mix).mp3 (10.74 MB)
Koen Groeneveld-Red Hot (Original Mix).mp3 (15.39 MB)
Kravisters & Daistep-Magic (Original Mix).mp3 (11.97 MB)
Kris Mclachlan-Caught Up (Original Mix).mp3 (11.85 MB)
Lazy Rich & Hot Mouth-Flash (Original Mix).mp3 (10.37 MB)
Le Youth ft Javeon-Feel Your Love (Original Mix).mp3 (9.47 MB)
Ledo-Eyes Wide Closed (Original Mix).mp3 (16.21 MB)
Liam Shachar ft Marcie-If You Return (Clean).mp3 (9.27 MB)
Liam Shachar-Elevated (Original Mix).mp3 (12.96 MB)
Little R.O.C Nine-Pablo (Instrumental).mp3 (7.93 MB)
Louis Corleone-Ambroisie (Original Mix).mp3 (11.04 MB)
Luke Terry ft Love Dimension-Phoenix (Original Mix).mp3 (16.37 MB)
Lush & Simon-Hunter (Original Mix).mp3 (11.33 MB)
M.A.Y.O.R.-Big Bang (Original).mp3 (9.50 MB)
Macdict-Schizophrenic (Original Mix).mp3 (15.87 MB)
Maceo Plex-Conjure Sex (Original Mix).mp3 (17.08 MB)
Magic-Rude (Island Nation Bootleg) (Dj Intro).mp3 (8.69 MB)
Maison & Dragen ft Miella-Already Gone (Original Mix).mp3 (14.10 MB)
Maison & Dragen-Nemesis (Original Mix).mp3 (15.44 MB)
Mantrastic-Pentagrid (Original Mix).mp3 (10.96 MB)
Manuel Lauren & Destiny-Enemy (Clean).mp3 (6.62 MB)
Marco Molina & Marco Vistosi-The Night Train (Original Mix).mp3 (14.78 MB)
Mario Ochoa-Leprechaun (Original Mix).mp3 (18.24 MB)
Mario Ochoa-Meltdown (Original Mix).mp3 (16.22 MB)
Mario Ochoa-Miracles (Original Mix).mp3 (16.05 MB)
Mark Found-Sagittarius (Original Mix).mp3 (22.51 MB)
Massive Ditto-Ultra (Original Mix).mp3 (14.95 MB)
Matisse & Sadko-Azonto (Original Mix).mp3 (12.90 MB)
Mazza & Klaas-Ready (Original Mix).mp3 (11.01 MB)
Mekki Martin-Here We Go (Original Mix).mp3 (12.20 MB)
Menegatti & Fatrix-Identity (Original Mix).mp3 (12.24 MB)
Microvibez & Roel Salemink-Sunday People (Original Mix).mp3 (15.07 MB)
Mike Wharton-Electric Moments (Original Mix).mp3 (13.22 MB)
Mikro-Rock Tha Funky Beatz (Original Mix).mp3 (10.42 MB)
Moguai-The Future (Original Mix).mp3 (13.08 MB)
Mr Belt & Wezol-Shiver (Original Mix).mp3 (13.04 MB)
NarkoSky-Cut Down Trees (Original Mix).mp3 (16.33 MB)
Nicky Romero & Anouk-Feet On The Ground (Original Mix).mp3 (11.41 MB)
Nico & Vinz-Am I Wrong (Island Nation Bootleg) (Dj Intro).mp3 (9.52 MB)
Nikita Rise & Roman Akrill-Just Try (Original Mix).mp3 (14.55 MB)
NikkiNoise-Revolution (Original Mix).mp3 (13.07 MB)
Olivier Giacomotto-Dusk (Original Mix).mp3 (14.95 MB)
Oxy ft J Luv-Ordinary Madness (Original Mix).mp3 (14.18 MB)
Pat Farrell-Dare to Dream (Original Mix).mp3 (10.51 MB)
Paul Oakenfold-Madagascar (Original Mix).mp3 (15.51 MB)
Peter Monk Presents The Dub Chix-Motormouth (Radio Edit).mp3 (8.18 MB)
Quincy-Acid Jungle (Original Mix).mp3 (16.47 MB)
Rah Ft Swaggaquil-Gold Digger (Clean).mp3 (7.11 MB)
Rah Ft Swaggaquil-Gold Digger (Dirty).mp3 (7.42 MB)
Rah Ft Swaggaquil-Gold Digger (Instrumental).mp3 (7.11 MB)
Ramon Tapia & Stavroz-Havana (Original Mix).mp3 (21.81 MB)
Redlight ft Lolo-Cure Me (Original Mix).mp3 (11.97 MB)
Reinweiss-On Fire (Original Mix).mp3 (13.36 MB)
Rene Ablaze-Glowing (Clean).mp3 (7.24 MB)
Retinue & Mikhael ft Ruben Hultman-Sons & Daughters (Clean).mp3 (8.09 MB)
Retinue & Mikhael ft Ruben Hultman-Sons & Daughters (Original Mix).mp3 (10.38 MB)
Revine ft Maryann Vasquez-Higher (Original Mix).mp3 (10.27 MB)
Rezzonator ft Anna C-Crash (Mikey Saints Remix).mp3 (7.53 MB)
Rezzonator ft Anna C-Crash (Revaux Remix).mp3 (12.24 MB)
Rezzonator ft Anna C-Crash (Rezzonator After Hours Ambient Mix).mp3 (9.95 MB)
Rick Ross-Thug Cry (Jupiter Son Remix Clean).mp3 (9.56 MB)
Rick Sanders-Make It Free (Original Mix).mp3 (13.56 MB)
Riggi & Piros-Elephant (Original Mix).mp3 (12.66 MB)
Rocket Jumper-One Two Three (Original Mix).mp3 (11.70 MB)
Roger M-Lets Rage (Clean).mp3 (7.96 MB)
Ronn & Siren-Follow Me (Original Mix).mp3 (12.75 MB)
Royal Music Paris-Freaking Drop (Original Mix).mp3 (14.90 MB)
Ryan Blyth ft Chesqua-Missing You (Original Mix).mp3 (13.93 MB)
SandMan ft Kaysee-Without You Now (Original Mix).mp3 (15.65 MB)
Scooter & Lavelle-The Deep End (Original Mix).mp3 (11.76 MB)
Seal Rocks-Departures (Original Mix).mp3 (11.01 MB)
Seal Rocks-Passport (Original Mix).mp3 (10.35 MB)
Sean Savage-Trach (Original Mix).mp3 (16.81 MB)
Sebastien Benett-Casbash (Original Mix).mp3 (11.18 MB)
Sheena Rose-I Am What I Am (Clean).mp3 (9.59 MB)
Shimmer-Give Me Love (Original Mix).mp3 (19.56 MB)
Simon Patterson ft Sarah Howells-Dissolve (Original Mix).mp3 (18.50 MB)
Skymate-Keep Going (Original Mix).mp3 (16.74 MB)
Space Rockerz & Clybourne-Alive (Original Mix).mp3 (16.69 MB)
Starkillers ft Alicia Madison-Silence (Original Mix).mp3 (12.40 MB)
Steelocean-Magic Of Steel (Clean).mp3 (7.33 MB)
Steelocean-Magic Of Steel (Original Mix).mp3 (12.20 MB)
Stephane Badey-Mars (Original Mix).mp3 (22.47 MB)
Steve Bug-Pelican Glide (Original Mix).mp3 (19.03 MB)
Steve Raw-Amelia (Original Mix).mp3 (16.64 MB)
Stonebank ft Emel-Moving On (Original Mix).mp3 (12.89 MB)
Style of Eye ft Lars Allertz-Love Looks (Original Mix).mp3 (7.82 MB)
Syn Cole-Bright Lights (Original Mix).mp3 (13.25 MB)
T Tommy & Vicente Belenguer-My Money (Original Mix).mp3 (15.22 MB)
Taito-Wheres The Bass (Original Mix).mp3 (9.86 MB)
Tangle-Firebird (Original Mix).mp3 (11.85 MB)
Tangle-Sirius & Indigo (Original Mix).mp3 (14.99 MB)
The Bello Boys ft Kat DeLuna-Last Call (Clean).mp3 (7.06 MB)
The Revolving Junkie-Check One (Original Mix).mp3 (20.36 MB)
The Rubber Boys-Drop That (Original Mix).mp3 (13.79 MB)
The Shapeshifters ft Calvin Lynch-Heartache (Original Mix).mp3 (13.91 MB)
Thomas Mengel-Supernatural (Original Mix).mp3 (14.63 MB)
Thomas Vink-Beneath (Original Mix).mp3 (17.69 MB)
Thorslund ft Kayla M-Crossroad (Original Mix).mp3 (12.67 MB)
Tocadisco ft Nathizinha-Acid (Original Mix).mp3 (14.34 MB)
Tom Fall ft Yoshi Breen-One For Love (Original Mix).mp3 (13.83 MB)
Tomas Heredia-Way Out (Original Mix).mp3 (16.33 MB)
Tommy Johnson ft Nanje Nowack-Burn The Sun (Original Mix).mp3 (15.94 MB)
Toni Sea & Lucius Lowe-Need Your Love (Original Mix).mp3 (18.23 MB)
Tony S & Rocky-Desire (Original Mix).mp3 (9.59 MB)
Trackbullies-Rave Gremlins (Original).mp3 (9.88 MB)
TrockenSaft & Spencer K ft Ashlye Slater-Come To Me (Original Mix).mp3 (16.40 MB)
Trona ft Adra Boo-Tell Me (Original Mix).mp3 (7.71 MB)
Vanity In Mind-Go Get Alice (Original Mix).mp3 (16.80 MB)
Vasili & Cyber Meltdown-Poseidon (Original Mix).mp3 (6.93 MB)
Vasili-Raise Your Hands Up (Original Mix).mp3 (14.26 MB)
Vazteria X-Monster Machine (Original Mix).mp3 (12.43 MB)
Victor Niglio & Happy Colors-Jungle Bass (Original Mix).mp3 (8.67 MB)
Wasted Oxygen-Zodiac (Original Mix).mp3 (15.66 MB)
Will Atkinson & Paul Webster-Watch It Burn (Original Mix).mp3 (20.44 MB)
Will Sparks & Uberjakd-Hard Nation (Original Mix).mp3 (13.44 MB)
Yamil & Miguel Sanchez-Music For The People (Original Mix).mp3 (14.47 MB)
Yuri Kane ft Melissa Loretta-Saved You (Original Mix).mp3 (16.45 MB)
Zeds Dead ft Twin Shadow & D Angelo Lacy-Lost You (Clean).mp3 (7.22 MB)

EDM PACK 08.25.14

Part 24
Alesso - Tear The Roof Up (Landis & Crespo Remix).mp3 (10.06 MB)
Damian William - Casual (Original Mix).mp3 (9.19 MB)
Deficio - Shaga (Original Mix).mp3 (10.15 MB)
DNNYD - Bounce (Original Mix).mp3 (8.15 MB)
Dotan - Home (D-Jastic Bootleg).mp3 (12.23 MB)
Jay Karama - Skateboard (Original Mix).mp3 (8.38 MB)
MAKJ & Lil Jon - Let's Get Fucked Up (Treyy G & Vigiland Remix).mp3 (10.07 MB)
Panda & Treyy G - Steez Killa (Original Mix).mp3 (10.54 MB)
Passenger - Let Her Go (Levito Remix).mp3 (12.26 MB)
Sick Individuals vs. Armin Van Buuren - Feels Like Rock & Rave (Sick Individuals Edit).mp3 (12.98 MB)


Part 23
Disco Fries - We Got The Sound [feat. Big Nab] (Original Mix).mp3 (10.67 MB)
DSKOTEK - Pop That (Original Mix).mp3 (10.14 MB)
Dual Color & Vlezz - Poison (Original Mix).mp3 (9.72 MB)
Eddie Thoneick & Abel Ramos - Love Will Never Let You Down [feat. James Walsh] (Audiobot Bootleg).mp3 (13.26 MB)
Flosstradamus - Mosh Pit (Tommie Sunshine & Halfway House Remix).mp3 (9.11 MB)
Lookas - Loko (Original Mix).mp3 (8.90 MB)
Sander Van Doorn, Martin Garrix & DVBBS - Gold Skies [feat. Aleesia] (Elephante Remix).mp3 (10.61 MB)
Tom Staar & Kryder - Big Momma's House (Original Mix).mp3 (12.77 MB)
Tomsize - Hands In The Air (feat. Ragga Twins) (Original Mix).mp3 (6.93 MB)
Ummet Ozcan - SMASH! (Lesware Bounce Edit).mp3 (12.27 MB)


Part 22
Blasterjaxx - Vision (Original Mix).mp3 (11.95 MB)
Borgore & Sikdope - Unicorn ZoMB)ie Apocalypse (Kennedy Jones Remix).mp3 (8.97 MB)
Coldplay - A Sky Full of Stars (Syn Cole Remix).mp3 (11.16 MB)
DaMB)ro - Ignition (Original Mix).mp3 (11.98 MB)
G-Wizard & Alex Preston - Back & Forth (Original Mix).mp3 (9.80 MB)
Jayden Parx - Welcome (Original Mix).mp3 (13.48 MB)
JayyFresh - Keep On Rockin (Original Mix).mp3 (9.64 MB)
Kairo Kingdom - Scream [feat. Chris Jones] (Original Mix).mp3 (11.53 MB)
Leftside - Monkey Biznizz (Wiwek Remix).mp3 (9.29 MB)
MAKJ & Lil Jon - Let's Get Fucked Up (DaGo Remix).mp3 (10.58 MB)
Oliver Heldens - Koala (X-VERTIGO's Private Edit).mp3 (10.50 MB)
Olly James - Reckless [feat. Nathan Kay] (Original Mix).mp3 (9.72 MB)
Party Favor & Meaux Green - G-String (Original Mix).mp3 (7.59 MB)
Sander Van Doorn, Martin Garrix & DVBBS - Gold Skies [feat. Aleesia] (BoomriSe Remix).mp3 (13.89 MB)
Sander Van Doorn, Martin Garrix & DVBBS - Gold Skies [feat. Aleesia] (Glowjack Remix).mp3 (12.43 MB)
Shakira - Dare (La La La) (Mattias Bootleg).mp3 (8.16 MB)
Shelco Garcia & TEENWOLF - Rewind (Original Mix).mp3 (11.47 MB)
Spencer Tarring & Julian R - House Music (Original Mix).mp3 (12.04 MB)
Whyel - Bass Drop (Original Mix).mp3 (8.80 MB)
Wiz Khalifa - We Dem Boyz (Charlie Darker Remix).mp3 (10.60 MB)



Alex Leads - Taklamakan (Original Mix).mp3
Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars (ZROQ Remix).mp3
David Guetta & Kaz James - Blast Off (Yin Yang Bangers Remix).mp3
JJ Vineberg vs. Not Available - Kimera (Original Mix).mp3
Marcus Santoro - Python (Original Mix).mp3
Merzo - Diamond (Original Mix).mp3
New World Sound - Muzz (Original Mix).mp3
Popeska - Bang On Some Shit (Original Mix).mp3
UFO! - Jerk On The Block (Original Mix).mp3
Yellow Claw & Yung Felix - Daily Paper (Original Mix).mp3



Audiobot - Dungeon (Original Mix).mp3
DaGo - Go Ham (Original Mix).mp3
DaGo - Orkestra (Original Mix).mp3
DaGo & D!rty Palm - D To Da B (Original Mix).mp3
Etho & Oz Mafra - ICE (Original Mix).mp3
Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks (Glowjack Bootleg).mp3
Joker Inc - Umayka (Original Mix).mp3
Junkie Kid - MELODY (Original Mix).mp3
Levito & Uforik - Hydra (Original Mix).mp3
Sean&Bobo & Swede Dreams - Wild (Original Mix).mp3



3LAU - How You Love Me [feat. Heather Bright] (eSQUIRE vs. OFFBeat Remix).mp3
Bombs Away & Tenzin - Mother Truckers (Loutaa Bootleg).mp3
Borgore - #NEWGOREORDER [feat. Malcolm McDowell] (Extended Mix).mp3
Ido B & Zooki - Stronger [feat. LIHI] (Original Mix).mp3
Jason Derulo - Wiggle [feat. Snoop Dogg] (Funk D & 2Empress Bootleg).mp3
Oliver Heldens - Gecko (Elephante Remix).mp3
Robert Delong - Global Concepts (Tommie Sunshine & Live City Remix).mp3
Shwann & Calum C - The Beast (Original Mix).mp3
Timmo Hendriks & Cody Holmes - Hands Up (Original Mix).mp3
Tony Junior - Wake Up (Neple Remix).mp3



Cazzette - Sleepless [feat. The High] (Dem Slackers Bootleg).mp3
Disfunktion - Broken Heart (Original Mix).mp3
Disfunktion - Terra Roxa (Original Mix).mp3
Jillionaire & Salvatore Ganacci - Fresh [feat. Sanjin] (ETC!ETC! Remix).mp3
KSHMR - Omnislash (Original Mix).mp3
Max Elto - Shadow Of The Sun (Adventure Club Remix).mp3
MCD & Castaneda vs. Olly James - Artillery (Original Mix).mp3
Riggi & Piros - Hands Up (Original Mix).mp3
Vigel - Handprint (Original Mix).mp3
Zedd - Find You [feat. Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant] (ZROQ Remix).mp3



3LAU - How You Love Me [feat. Bright Lights] (Revolvr Remix).mp3
Axwell & Ingrosso - We Come, We Rave, We Love (Deficio & Kings Remix).mp3
Chris Royal, RATTN & NOSLEK - Pringos (Original Mix).mp3
Chromeo - Jealous (Lenno Remix).mp3
Corey James, Masson & Matteo Barr - Nights In Vegas (Original Mix).mp3
Dirty Palm - Let Me See That Bounce (Original Mix).mp3
Frankox - Sew Roo Choo! (Original Mix).mp3
Krewella - Ring Of Fire (Ashley Wallbridge Remix).mp3
Snails & Botnek - KRMT (Original Mix).mp3
ZHU - Faded (Bombs Away Bounce Bootleg).mp3

EDM PACK 6 – 10

EDM Pack 6

3LAU – How You Love Me [feat. Bright Lights] (Dustin Lenji Bootleg)
Basto – ZURNA (Original Mix)
ETC!ETC! & Ookay – Brahzil (Original Mix)
Far East Movement & Alvita – Movement Original Mix)
Far East Movement & Alvita – Ruthless [feat. GInette Claudette] (Original Mix)
Inpetto – IPOS (Original Mix)
Jesse Kiis – The Heist (Original Mix)
Qulinez – Drop It (D!RTY AUD!O Remix)
The Partysquad & Punish – Rijden Tot De Morgen Komt [feat. Adje] (Original Mix)
Timmy Trumpet – Tromba (Trifo & Axsm Remix)


EDM Pack 7

3LAU – How You Love Me [feat. Bright Lights] (Landis & Crespo’s EDC Remix)
Agora – Celebration Suite (Tom Staar Remix)
Bro Safari, UFO! & Beauty Brain – No Control (Original Mix)
Clean Bandit – Rather Be [feat. Jess Glynne] (Elephante Remix)
David Hopperman & Automann – Fantasy (Original Mix)
JAXXMiKE – Finally [feat. Ce Ce Peniston] (Original Mix)
Markquis – Heartless (Original Mix)
Montell Jordan – This Is How We Do It (DaGo Bootleg)
Sean&Bobo – Sahara (Original Mix)
Treyy G – Make It Bounce [feat. Turner Jackson] (Original Mix)


EDM Pack 8

Armin Van Buuren – Ping Pong (Night Crime VIP Edit)
Gianni Marino – Drumbeats GO! (Original Mix)
Lana Del Rey – Young & Beautiful (Afrojack Remix)
Major Lazer – Come On To Me [feat. Sean Paul] (Tomsize Remix)
MAKJ & Lil Jon – Let’s Get Fucked Up (Mike Emilio Remix)
Nadus – Nxwxrk (RL Grime Edit)
Shakira – Can’t Remember To Forget You [feat. Rihanna] (Jason Risk Bootleg)
Skrillex – Stranger (Tommie Sunshine & Sonny Denja Bootleg)
Tommie Sunshine & Halfway House – Give Up the Funk (Original Mix)
Warkids – Shotgun (Original Mix)


EDM Pack 9

Charlie Darker – Vulu (Original Mix)
Exodus & Tom Enzy – We Don’t Give A F_KK (Original Mix)
Flosstradamus – Mosh Pit [feat. Casino] (Team Jaguar Remix)
Glowjack – Jump! (Original Mix)
Kayzo & Jordan Alexander – Recoil (Aylen Remix)
Ken Loi & Michael Teixeira – No Time To Fall [feat. Natasha Blume] (Original Mix)
Moska – Big Bang (Original Mix)
Moska – Duma (Original Mix)
Oliver Heldens & Becky Hill – Gecko (Overdrive) (Blinders Bootleg)
Team Bastian & Baggi Begovic – Splash X [feat. The Creatures] (Original Mix)


EDM Pack 10

Apocalypto – Too Many Women (Original Mix)
Bang La Decks – Utopia [feat. Dominique Young Unique] (Benny Bubblez Boolteg)
Calvin Harris – Summer (Richard Fraioli & RZZO Bootleg)
Dirty South & Thomas Gold – Alive [feat. Kate Elsworth] (RavenKis Remix)
Iggy Azalea – Fancy [feat. Charli XCX] (KOMES Bootleg Bounce Remix)
Junior Rocka & Lee Carter – Cookie (Original Mix)
Nom De Strip – Grandma (Original Mix)
Timmo Hendriks – Pandor (Olly James Remix)
Tristan Garner – Overdrive (BoomriSe Remix)
Visionaire – Safari (Original Mix)