Filename Size Download
DMC DJ Only 219 (May 2017).rar 377.99 MB
DMC Dance Extra Mixes Vol.114 (May 2017).rar 184.01 MB
DMC Dance Extra Mixes Vol.113 (April 2017).rar 183.97 MB
DMC Dance Mixes 183 (May 2017).rar 182.75 MB
DMC Cool Grooves 25 (Mai 2017).rar 181.89 MB
DMC Club Hits 130 (May 2017).rar 166.82
Mastermix DJ Beats Vol.54 (May 2017).rar 140.63 MB
Mastermix The Chart Remixes Vol.09 (May 2017).rar 111.76 MB
Select Mix - Do Overs Vol.8.rar 86.35 MB
Select Mix - 90’s Essentials Vol.37.rar 82.99 MB
Select Mix - 60’s Essentials Vol.05.rar 63.72 MB


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1.Daya-Daya (DjRedCore Remix) 135 Bpm cmc.mp3
4.Get It Started (DjRedCore Remix) 129 Bpm cmc.mp3
5.Good Time (DjRedCore Hype Remix) 126 Bpm cmc.mp3
6.Her Name Is Vodka (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
7.Hot Legs (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
8.I Can Only Imagine (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
9.I Dont Wanna Dance (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
10.Internet Firends (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
11.59 [DjRedCore Hype Remix] 130BpM cmc.mp3
11.Mi Senorita (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
12.Owner O The Lonely Heart (DjRedCore Dirrty Dutch Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
13.Payphone (DjRedCore Dirty Dutch) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
212 (DjRedCore Remix) 126 Bpm cmc.mp3
Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire [ Breno Jaime Remix ].mp3
All My People 2013 [DjRedCore Haus Hype] 128BpM cmc.mp3
All Night [DjRedCore Party Break Remix] 128BpM cmc.mp3
April Boys-Dj Ng Aking Radyo.mp3
Bad Boy [Dont Stop DjRedCore Party Hype] 130BpM cmc.mp3
Bad Name (Electro Klaas Mix] ReD128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Bad Name [DjRedcore Haus Electro].mp3
BaD RoMaNCe ELeCTRo [ReD HaUz MiX] 130.mp3
Bang Bang 2013 [DjRedCore Haus Hype] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Bara Bara Bere Bere [Acapella Intro Electro Hype] 130 Bpm cmc.mp3
Barbra Streisand (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Beat On My Drum [DjRedCore Party Break Remix] 130BpM cmc.mp3
Beautiful Monster (DjRedCore Funky Remix) 128 Bpm.mp3
Beauty And A Beat [DjRedcore Hype Mix] 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Beauty And A Beat [Party Break Fidget Dirty Dutch Banger] ReD.mp3
Blah Blah Blah (DjRedCore House Remix) 130 Bpm.mp3
Bom Bom [DjRedCore Hype Remix] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Bombastic [DjRedcore Hype Bootleg] 130BpM cmc.mp3
BoNaMaNa (DjRedCore Dutch Remix) 130 Bpm.mp3
Boom Shaka (DjRedCore Funky Remix) 128 Bpm.mp3
BOOMA YEE 2013 DjRedCore Haus Party Break] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Boomerang (DjRedCore Remix) 127 Bpm.mp3
Boomerang [DjRedcore Hype Remix] 128BpM cmc.mp3
BOUNCE 2013 [DjRedCore Haus Party Break Starter] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Breathing (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Buffalo Soldier (DjRedCore Dutch Mix) 130 Bpm #.mp3
CALIENTE 2013 [DjRedCore Haus Party Starter Break] 128BpM cmc.mp3
California Gurls (DjRedCore Dutch Mix) 130 Bpm.mp3
Call Me Maybe (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Call Me Maybe (DjRedCore TekHauz Mix) 140 Bpm.mp3
Cha Cha Dabarkads [DjRedcore Hype Remix] 135 Bpm cmc.mp3
Champaigne Shower (DjRedCore Remix) 130 Bpm cmc.mp3
Chasing The Sun (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Club Cant Handle (DjRedCore Dutch Remix) 130 Bpm.mp3
Cmon [DjRedcore Hype Remix 128BpM cmc.mp3
Crazy People (DjRedCore Quick Dutch) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Dance 2013 [DjRedCore Culo Party Break] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Dance Again [DjRedcore Hype Remix] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Dance Again [Party Break Electro Dirty Dutch Hype Banger] 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Dancing Tonight (DjRedCore Dutch Banger) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
David Guetta Ft. Akon - Where Is The Dance (DjRedCore Remix) 130 Bpm.mp3
Dayang Dayang (DjRedCore Dutch Remix) 130 Bpm.mp3
Die Young [Electro Dirty Dutch Hype] 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Dirt Nasty Ft. LMFAO - I Cant Dance (DjRedCore Dutch Banger) 130 Bpm.mp3
Dirty Dancer (DjRedCore Remix) 130 Bpm cmc.mp3
DjRedcore Remix - Rattle [Electro Dubstep Hype] 128BpM.mp3
DjRedcore Remix - Sweet Child O Mine [Peak Hour Dirty Duth Hype] 128BpM.mp3
DjRedcore Remix - You Took My Love [Dope Quick Dirty Dutch Hype].mp3
Dont Stop The Party [DjRedcore Party Starter Quick DubStep] 127BpM cmc.mp3
Dont Stop The Party 2013 [DjRedCore Party Starter] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Dont Wake Me Up [Electro Dutch Hype In-Out] 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Drive By (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Dumb Love (DjRedCore Funky Remix) 128 Bpm #.mp3
Edge Of Glory (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Ehu Girl (DjRedCore Remix) 130 Bpm cmc.mp3
Estoryahe (DjRedCore Dutch Remix) 130 Bpm.mp3
Facebook (Refix Hype In-Out Overhaul) 128 Bpm by DjRedCore.mp3
Facebook [DjRedcore Hype Club House] 128BpM.mp3
Fame (DjRedCore Remix) 130 Bpm cmc.mp3
Family Affair [DjRedCore Club House] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Fashionista (DjRedCore Dutch Remix) 130 Bpm.mp3
Finally Found You [DjRedcore Party Break Dirty Dutch Banger].mp3
Fire (DjRedCore Dutch Remix) 130 Bpm.mp3
Freak (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Gangnam Style (DjRedCore Extended) 130 Bpm cmc.mp3
Gangnam Style (DjRedCore TekHauz Mix) 140 Bpm.mp3
Gangnam Style NYE [DjRedCore Hype Remix] 130BpM cmc.mp3
Gentlemen [DjRedCore Club DubStep Bootleg] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Gentlemen [DjRedCore Quick Dutch Bootleg] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Get The Party Started (DjRedCore House Remix) 130 Bpm.mp3
Ghostbusters [Dirty Dutch House] 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Ghostbusters [DjRedcore Dope Overhaul Hype] 128BpM cmc.mp3
GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE 2013 [DjRedCore Haus Party Break] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Give Me Everything (DjRedCore Remix) 129 Bpm.mp3
Glad You Came (DjRedCore TekHauz Mix) 140 Bpm.mp3
Goin In (DjRedCore Remix) 130 Bpm cmc.mp3
Good Time (DjRedCore TekHauz Mix) 140 Bpm.mp3
Hello (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Hey Jasmin (DjRedCore Remix Dirty Dutch) 129 Bpm.mp3
Hey Jasmin [DjRedcore Dope Dirty Dutch] 128BpM.mp3
Hit The Floor 2013 [DjRedCore Haus Scratch Segway] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Hit The Lights (DjRedCore Dutch Banger) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
HONEY 2013 [DjRedCore Dirty Dutch Original Mix] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Hope We Meet Again [DjRedCore Party Hype] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Hot Legs (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
I Can Only Imagine [Dirty Electro Dutch Hype] DjRedcore 128BpM.mp3
I Cant Dance (DjRedCore Dutch Banger) 130 Bpm.mp3
I Cry [DjRedCore Hype Remix] 128BpM cmc.mp3
I Gotta Feeling Body (DjRedCore Dutch Mix) 130 Bpm.mp3
I Gotta Pon De Floor Feeling (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm.mp3
I Love It 2013 [DjRedCore Haus Hype] 128BpM cmc.mp3
I Wanna Go (DjRedCore Dutch Banger) 130 Bpm cmc.mp3
Im In Love With The Dj [DjRedCore Party Hype Remix] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Im In Miami Bitch (DjRedCore Dutch Remix) 130 Bpm.mp3
Im Into You (DjRedCore Remix) 130 Bpm.mp3
Its My Life [DjRedcore Dirty Dutch Banger].mp3
Jammin (DjRedCore Dirty Dutch Remix) 130 Bpm.mp3
Just Give Me A Reason [DjRedCore Haus Bootleg] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Kinsa Siya (DjRedCore Klaas Dutch Remix) 130 Bpm #.mp3
Ladies In The Club (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Ladies In The Party (DjRedCore Dirrty Dutch Original Mix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Last Night [DjRedcore DubStep Vs. Dirty Dutch] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Let Papaamericano Bass Kick (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm.mp3
Lets Get Loco [DjRedCore Party Hype] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Lets Go (DjRedCore Dirrty Dutch Hype Peak Hour Banger) 128 Bpm.mp3
Letting Go (Cry Just A Little) (DjRedCore Dirty Dutch House) 130 Bpm cmc.mp3
Like A G6 (DjRedCore Dutch House Mix) 128 Bpm.mp3
LIMBO 2013 [DjRedCore Haus Shake Your Body Party Starter] 125BpM cmc.mp3
LIVE IT UP [DjRedCore Haus Hype Remix] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Loca (DjRedCore Dutch House Remix) 128 Bpm #.mp3
Loca (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Louder Calle (DjRedCore Calle Dutch remix) 130 Bpm cmc.mp3
LOVE SOMEBODY 2013 [DjRedCore Haus Hype] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Love The Way You Lie (DjRedCore Dutch House Remix) 128 Bpm.mp3
Luke Mejares - Babaero (dj manz ladies chant) cln.mp3
Maldito Alcohol (DjRedCore Dutch Remix) 130 Bpm.mp3
Manila Anthem 2013 [DjRedCore Haus Redrum] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Maraca (DjRedCore Dirty Dutch) 130 Bpm cmc.mp3
Maraca [DjRedcore Dope Dirty Dutch] 130BpM.mp3
Masquerade (Dope Dirty Dutch) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Masquerade [DjRedcore Dope Dirty Dutch Hype] 128BpM.mp3
Moves Like Jagger (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm.mp3
My Dream (DjRedCore Dutch Remix) 130 Bpm -Guest Remixer-.mp3
NoBoDY (DjRedCore House Dutch Remix) 130 Bpm final.mp3
Ode To Gentleman [Dj Chiing Rework] hype.mp3
OLA K ASE [DjRedCore Party Starter Break] 128BpM cmc.mp3
OMG (DjRedCore Dutch Remix) 130 Bpm.mp3
Owner O The Lonely Heart (DjRedCore Dirrty Dutch Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Owner Of The Lonely Heart [DjRedcore Dirty Dutch Hype] 128 Bpm.mp3
Oye Baby (DjRedCore Dutch Remix) 130 Bpm.mp3
Oye Baby (DjRedCore House Dutch Remix) 130 Bpm.mp3
Party Aint Over [DjRedcore Dirty Dutch vs DubStep Party Starter] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Party Bass [DjRedCore Party Hype] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Party Break Rock (ASV Dutch House Mix) DJ RedCore.mp3
Party Hard 2013 [DjRedCore Haus Hype] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Payphone (DjRedCore Remix) 110-128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Payphone (DjRedCore TekHauz Mix) 140 Bpm.mp3
Payphone (Quick Hitter Electro Dutch) 110-128 Bpm by DjRedCore.mp3
Payphone [DjRedcore Electro Dutch] 130BpM.mp3
Peak Hour [DjRedcore Dirty Dutch Banger] 130BpM.mp3
Pizzahut (DjRedCore TekHauz Mix) 140 Bpm.mp3
Pound The Alarm [DjRedcore Hype Remix] 128Bpm.mp3
Pretty Fly [For A White Guy] [DjRedcore Peak Hour Dirty Dutch Hype Banger] 130BpM.mp3
Price Tag (DjRedCore Dutch Remix) 128 Bpm.mp3
Primadonna (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
PUSH & SHOVE [DjRedCore Haus Party Break] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Pusong Bato (DjRedCore TekHauz Mix) 140 Bpm.mp3
Rain Over Me (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Rap Das Rattle Armas [DjRedCore Mash Up] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Rattle (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Reminds Me Of You (DjRedCore Remix) 126 Bpm cmc.mp3
Rhythm Of The Night (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Rhythm Of The Night (Electro Dirty Dutch) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Rhythm Of The Night [DjRedcore Electro Dirty Dutch].mp3
Riverside Party Rock Anthem (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm.mp3
Rock The Haus [DjRedCore Party Break] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Rock This Party Shaker (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Rum & Coca (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Run Devil Run [Haus Dutch]ReD 130BpM.mp3
Run The Calle World (DjRedCore Remix) 127 Bpm.mp3
Samba (DjRedCore House Dutch Remix) 130 Bpm.mp3
Scream (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm pt. 2.mp3
Scream & Shout [DjRedcore Party Starter] 130 Bpm cmc.mp3
Scream & Shout FAtman Scoop [DjRedCore Party Break] 130BpM cmc.mp3
Selecta (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Sex Appeal (DjRedCore Remix) 130 Bpm cmc.mp3
Sexy & I Know It (DjRedCore House Dutch Remix) 130 Bpm cmc.mp3
Sexy Bitch (DjRedCore Dutch Remix) 130 Bpm.mp3
SEXY PEOPLE 2013[DjRedCore Haus Party Break] 130BpM cmc.mp3
Shake Your Booty Tonight (DjRedCore Hype Remix) 130 Bpm cmc.mp3
She Doesnt Mind (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
SHINE 2013 [DjRedCore Haus Original Mix] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Shots Are Burning (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm.mp3
Single Ladies (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Sky Is The Limit (DjRedCore House Remix) 130 Bpm #.mp3
Somebody That I Used To Know (DjRedCore Remix) 130 Bpm cmc.mp3
Somebody To Love (DjRedCore Dutch Remix) 130 Bpm #.mp3
Starships (DjRedCore TekHauz Mix) 140 Bpm.mp3
Stereo Love (DjRedCore Remix) 127 Bpm cmc.mp3
Sway [DjRedCore Hype Remix] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Sweet Child O Mine (DjRedCore Dirty Dutch) 128 Bpm.mp3
Sweet Like Cola (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm.mp3
Tacata (DjRedCore Remix) 127 Bpm cmc.mp3
Take Over Control (DjRedCore Remix) 130 Bpm cmc.mp3
Taquito De Ojo (DjRedCore Transition) 98 - 128 Bpm.mp3
TEACH ME HOW TO DOUGIE [DjRedcore Tekhauz Mix] 140BpM.mp3
Telephone (DjRedCore House Remix) 130 Bpm.mp3
That Na Na [DjRedCore Party Break Banger] 128BpM cmc.mp3
That Power [DjRedCore Party Starter] 128BpM cmc.mp3
The Otherside 2013 [DjRedCore Haus Hype] 128BpM cmc.mp3
This Kiss (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm.mp3
Thriller [Dirty Dutch House Banger] 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Thriller [DjRedcore Dirty Dutch House Banger] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Tik Tok (DjRedCore Dutch Remix) 130 Bpm.mp3
TILL THE WORLD END v3 [Haus]130 BpM.mp3
Timebomb (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Tonight [DjRedCore Party Hype Banger] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Too Close (DjRedCore Remix) 126 Bpm cmc.mp3
Touch The Sky (DjRedCore Remix) 130 Bpm cmc.mp3
Turbulence (DjRedCore Dutch Remix) 130 Bpm cmc.mp3
Turbulence (DjRedCore Remix) 130 Bpm cmc.mp3
Turn Up The Love (DjRedCore Remix) 124 Bpm cmc.mp3
Va Va Voom [DjRedCore Hype Remix 128BpM cmc.mp3
Wanna See You Dance (DjRedCore Remix) 130 Bpm cmc.mp3
Wanna See You Dance [DjRedcore Dope Surprise Dirty Dutch] 130BpM.mp3
We Are The Party [DjRedcore Redrum] 130BpM cmc.mp3
Where [DjRedCore Remix] 130BpM.mp3
Where Dem Girls At (DjRedCore Dutch Banger) 130 Bpm cmc.mp3
Where Have You Been (DjRedCore Remix) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Wheres Your Head At 2013 [DjRedCore Party Break] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Whine It Up [DjRedcore Party Clapapella Electro Banger] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Whistle (DjRedCore Dirty Dutch Peak Hour Banger) 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
Whistle [DjRedCore Remix] 128BpM.mp3
Whos That Girl (DjRedCore Remix) 127 Bpm.mp3
Wild Girl [DjRedCore Ladies Party Break Remix] 128BpM cmc.mp3
WILD GIRL 2013 [DjRedCore Haus Ladies Party Break] 128BpM cmc.mp3
Worldwide Latino [DjRedcore Wooble Party Starter] 128 Bpm cmc.mp3
You B.A.D. (DjRedCore Remix) 129 Bpm cmc.mp3
You B.A.D. [DjRedCore Party Starter Remix] 129 Bpm.mp3
You Like Torero (Dj Do-ik'z Calle mix) 127 Bpm.mp3
You Took My Love (DjRedCore Dirty Dutch Hype) 130 Bpm.mp3
Your Love Is My Drug (DjRedCore House Remix) 130 Bpm #.mp3

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DMC Commercial Collection 412 (May 2017).rar (379.49 MB)

DMC Dance Mixes 182 (April 2017).rar (183.81 MB)

DMC Dance Mixes 181 (April 2017).rar (187.74 MB)

DMC DJ Only 218 (April 2017).rar (392.90 MB)

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Select Mix - Video Essentials Vol.13.rar (958.62 MB)

Select Mix - Video Essentials Vol.12.rar (968.87 MB)

Select Mix - Select Essentials Vol.125.rar (175.61 MB)

Select Mix - Mini Mixes Vol.8.rar (128.40 MB)

Select Mix - Country Essentials Vol.45 (Line Dance Edition).rar (149.54 MB)

Select Mix - 80's Essentials Vol.28.rar (83.37 MB)

Select Mix - Select Essentials Vol.126.rar (164.61 MB)

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Retrotracks Vol. 118-119

Retrotracks Vol. 118
A Ha - Take On Me (Kygo Remix).mp3
Ace Of Base - All That She Wants (Goldwave Remix).mp3
Bougenvilla Feat Jared Hiwat - Homeless Da Da Di (Original Mix).mp3
Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger (Id Deep Mix).mp3
Europe - The Final Countdown (Andy Horizont Remix).mp3
Freischwimmer - California Dreamin (Extended).mp3
Lika Morgan - Sweet Dreams (Original Mix).mp3
The Fugees - Ready Or Not (Dj Artur Explose Remix).mp3
Wolfpack Amp Warp Brothers - Phatt Bass (Original Mix).mp3
Retrotracks Vol. 119
Ane Brun - Big In Japan (Uno Kaya Remix).mp3
Dave Aude Y Jessica Sutta - Im Gonna Get You (Club Mix).mp3
Dj Shog - In The Air Tonight (Sway Gray And Lokee Remix).mp3
Giacca Y Flores - Ouiu (Ioui) (Original Mix).mp3
Irina Makosh Y Anton Ishutin - Watching Me (Original Mix).mp3
Modern Talking - Cheri Cheri Lady (Cover Radio Mix).mp3
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Fadermouth Remix).mp3
Robert Miles - Children (Dj Villain Remix).mp3
Sound Of Legend - Komodo (Club Mix).mp3

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Europaremix 04.06.17

Europaremix 4-6-17
Arcangel Ft. Bryant Myers - Po Encima - Reggaeton - (Intro & Outro) - Break - 93 bpm.mp3
Arcangel ft. De La Ghetto - Mas Que Ayer - Reggaeton - (Intro & Outro) - Break - 93 bpm.mp3
BumBum Granada Mix - MCs Zaac e Jerry - Intro & Outro - Version Dembow - 120Bpm.mp3
Enrique Iglesias - Subeme La Radio - Reggaeton - (Intro & Outro) - Break - 94 bpm .mp3
Isaac Delagado & Hildemaro - Loco - JRemix - Intro - Outro - Full Steady 90 Bpm - ER.mp3
J Balvin - Sigo Extrañandote (Intro & Outro BreakDown) - Alonso Remix - 93 BPM.mp3
J Balvin - Sigo Extrañandote (Intro & Outro Steady) - Alonso Remix - 93 BPM.mp3
Maluma Ft Noriel Bryant Myers Y Juhn El All Star - 4 Babys (Reggaeton Redrums) - Alonso Remix - 80 BPM.mp3
Marc Anthony - Vivir Mi Vida (Latin Tribal Hype) 130 Bpm Dirty.mp3
Melodia De Amor - Carlos y Alejandra - Alonso Remix - Acapella Intro & Outro - 133BPM.mp3
Zion & Lennox Ft Plan B - La Niña (Intro & Outro BreakDown) - Alonso Remix - 90 BPM.mp3

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Dj Yan Pack Rock and Roll 2017

DJ Yan Pack Rock and Roll [2017] 80 - The Ramblers - Tengo Algo Para ti (Version DJ Yan).mp3
82 - Chucky Berry - let's twist again (Version DJ Yan).mp3
83 - Oscar Arriagada - El Twist Del Esqueleto (Version DJ Yan).mp3
92 - Bill Halley - Rock Around The Clock (Version DJ Yan).mp3
96 - The Ramblers - Rock Del Mundial (Version DJ Yan).mp3
107 - Travolta & Newton - John - You're The One That I Want (Version DJYan).mp3
153 - La Bamba - Los Lobos (Version DJ Yan).mp3

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Beatport Top 100 Deep House March 2017
001. Crisstiano, Brigado Crew - Zulu (Original Mix).mp3
002. Kidnap Kid, Lane 8 - Aba (Original Mix).mp3
003. Kellerkind, Sven - Shakti Pan (Original Mix).mp3
004. Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad (Oxia Dub Mix).mp3
005. C.Vogt - Purple Hills (YokoO Remix).mp3
006. Mihai Popoviciu - I Should (Original Mix).mp3
007. Definition - Pretend To Fly (Original Mix).mp3
008. Doctor Dru - Praerie (Original Mix).mp3
009. Frankey, Sandrino - Wega (Original Mix).mp3
010. Nu - Man O To (Be Svendsen Remix).mp3
011. Tigerskin, Elli, K.E.E.N.E. - Lust (David Mayer Remix).mp3
012. Khen, Guy J - Prism (Lehar in Ipnosi Remix).mp3
013. Auntie Flo feat. Anbuley - Waiting For A (Woman) (The Revenge Rework - Dixon Beat Edit).mp3
014. atish - Peculiar Colors (Lee Jones Remix).mp3
015. Ray Okpara - Satin Curtain (Kevin Yost Remix).mp3
016. Bedouin - No Trace (Original Mix).mp3
017. Mihai Popoviciu - Twisted (Original Mix).mp3
018. Viken Arman - Life (Original Mix).mp3
019. Viken Arman - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Original Mix).mp3
020. Butch, C.Vogt - Bliss (Original Mix).mp3
021. Eli & Fur - Chlo (Original Mix).mp3
022. Nandu - See You Feat. Vâlvâ (Original Mix).mp3
023. atish - Peculiar Colors (Original Mix).mp3
024. Pablo Bolivar - Dahnser (Original Mix).mp3
025. Kora (CA) - Fragile (Original Mix).mp3
026. Dave Pad & Anjei - Cantec De Leagane (Original Mix).mp3
027. atish - Twiddles (Original Mix).mp3
028. Frankey, Sandrino - Pollux (Original Mix).mp3
029. Khen - Authentica (Luca Bacchetti Endless Remix).mp3
030. Marc Romboy, Stephan Bodzin - Atlas (Adriatique Remix).mp3
031. Eli & Fur - Wendy Legs (Original Mix).mp3
032. CamelPhat - The System (Original Mix).mp3
033. Chez Moon - Don't Need You Anymore (James Curd Remix).mp3
034. Rampa - The Touch (Original Mix).mp3
035. GHEIST - Salvation feat. BAYKER (Original Mix).mp3
036. Rodriguez Jr. - 2 Miles Away (Original Mix).mp3
037. Joeski - EXTASY (Original Mix).mp3
038. Ryan Murgatroyd - Kanna (Original Mix).mp3
039. Lena Cullen, Justin Martin - Odyssey (Kyle Watson Remix).mp3
040. Animal Picnic, Aaryon - Caps (Original Mix).mp3
041. Doctor Dru - Savannah (Original Mix).mp3
042. Rampa - 528Hz (Original Mix).mp3
043. Alex Flatner - Welcome To My Life (Markus Homm & Mihai Popoviciu Remix).mp3
044. Adriatique - Something In Between (Original Mix).mp3
045. Sascha Funke - MZ (Original Mix).mp3
046. Bengal (SF) - Fractal Dust (Original Mix).mp3
047. Modd - Magic Footsteps (Original Mix).mp3
048. Jos & Eli - Adrenaline Hunt (Original Mix).mp3
049. Kora (CA), Nic Falardeau - Om Namah (Original Mix).mp3
050. Akio Imai, Yume Kaneko - Romany (Original Mix).mp3
051. Stefano Crabuzza, Yamil - Ain't No Sunshine (Original Mix).mp3
052. Jos & Eli - Initiation (Original Mix).mp3
053. C.Vogt, Patrick Jeremic - Pour eternel (Original Mix).mp3
054. Phil Kieran - Find Love (Andrew Weatherall Remix).mp3
055. Jinadu, Jos & Eli - Obscured Mind (Original Mix).mp3
056. Frink - Sense (Original Mix).mp3
057. Sidartha Siliceo, Simon Vuarambon - Liberation (Original Mix).mp3
058. Valsa - Happy Pink Pills (Marek Hemmann Remix).mp3
059. Matteo Luis, HRRSN - Storm (Olivier Giacomotto Remix).mp3
060. Chaim - Sun Tease (Original Mix).mp3
061. Time (FR) - Not Alone (Original Mix).mp3
062. Stavroz - Jahallom (Original Mix).mp3
063. Dave Pad & Anjei - Freya (Original Mix).mp3
064. Rondo Mo - Overflow (Jonas Rathsman Remix).mp3
065. Enzo Elia - Drifting (Original Mix).mp3
066. Vozmediano - Back2Soul (Original Mix).mp3
067. Kuo Climax - Tomorrow (Dennis Cruz Remix).mp3
068. Tube & Berger - RUCKUS Feat. Richard Judge (Club Edit).mp3
069. Todd Terje - Snooze 4 Love (Dixon Remix).mp3
070. Kevin Over - Look At Me Sartre (Original Mix).mp3
071. Cristoph - Boundless (Original Mix).mp3
072. Joeski - KALIMBA (Original Mix).mp3
073. Mihai Popoviciu, Markus Homm - Insomnis (Original Mix).mp3
074. Leo Grunbaum - Bloom feat. Aerial East (Original Mix).mp3
075. Andre Diaz - Bounce (Los Pastores Remix).mp3
076. Ryan Davis, Microtrauma - Traces (Original Mix).mp3
077. Way Out West - Set My Mind (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix).mp3
078. We Need Cracks - Blue Danube (Original Mix).mp3
079. Teenage Mutants, Moonwalk - Vite (Original Mix).mp3
080. Kora (CA) - Vayu (Original Mix).mp3
081. Human Machine - Africa (Original Mix).mp3
082. Hraach, Armen Miran - Aldebaran (Original).mp3
083. Dinky - Casa (Axel Boman Dub Mix).mp3
084. Frink - Somewhere (Original Mix).mp3
085. Johannes Brecht, Christian Prommer - Voix Grave (Johannes Brecht Version).mp3
086. Moonwalk - Orbital (Original Mix).mp3
087. Dave Aju - Morton Girl (Original Mix).mp3
088. Aero Manyelo - Mooki (Eagles & Butterflies Remix).mp3
089. Florian Kruse, Hendrik Burkhard, TheGround - Raise Your Glass (Original Mix).mp3
090. Rampa - Necessity (Original Mix).mp3
091. Mihai Popoviciu, Markus Homm - Taragon (Original Mix).mp3
092. BehrEllips - The Forgotten People feat. Crazy White Boy (Original Mix).mp3
093. Huxley, Mark Fanciulli - Lyra (Original Mix).mp3
094. Serge Devant - This Moment (Original Mix).mp3
095. Mees Salome - Equivalence (Original Mix).mp3
096. Rashid Ajami, Nathan Daisy - Dance Pain (Original Mix).mp3
097. Roman Flugel - 9 Years (DJ Koze Remix).mp3
098. Miguel Migs - Broken Barriers (Original Mix).mp3
099. Third Son - Anno Domino (Original Mix).mp3
100. Fusion Groove Orchestra feat. Steve Lucas - If Only I Could (Liem Remix).mp3

Beatport Top 100 Songs & DJ Tracks March 2017
001. Josh Butler, Bontan - Call You Back (Original Mix).mp3
002. Claptone - The Drums (Din Daa Daa) (feat. George Kranz) (Original Mix).mp3
003. CamelPhat - Hangin Out With Charlie (Original Mix).mp3
004. Oxia - Domino (Matador Remix).mp3
005. Mark Knight, Rene Amesz, Green Velvet - Live Stream (Original Mix).mp3
006. HI-LO - The Answer (Oliver Heldens Extended Edit).mp3
007. Joe Goddard - Music Is The Answer (Hot Since 82 Remix).mp3
008. Pig&Dan, Adam Beyer - Capsule (Original Mix).mp3
009. Rafael Cerato, ARTBAT - Uplift (Original Mix).mp3
010. Latmun - Everybody's Dancin' (Original Mix).mp3
011. Bassjackers, D'Angello & Francis - All Aboard (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Edit).mp3
012. Miss Kittin, Dubfire - Ride (Solomun Remix).mp3
013. Adana Twins - Uncompromising (Original Mix).mp3
014. Pig&Dan, Adam Beyer - In Love (Original Mix).mp3
015. The Golden Boy - Egyptian Lover (Latmun Remix).mp3
016. Crisstiano, Brigado Crew - Zulu (Original Mix).mp3
017. Franky Rizardo - Same Man (Original Mix).mp3
018. Tiga - Louder Than A Bomb (Dense & Pika Remix).mp3
019. Alex Kenji - My Babe (Me & My Toothbrush Remix).mp3
020. Sooney - Back To The Music (Route 94 Remix).mp3
021. Kidnap Kid, Lane 8 - Aba (Original Mix).mp3
022. Sian - Pause (Oliver Koletzki & Reinier Zonneveld Remix).mp3
023. Moby - Go (Victor Ruiz Warehouse Mix).mp3
024. Pig&Dan, Adam Beyer - We Are E (Original Mix).mp3
025. Khen - Land Of Goshen (Patrice Baumel Remix).mp3
026. Micky Blue, KSHMR, Crossnaders - Back To Me feat. Micky Blue (Extended Mix).mp3
027. Alok, Bruno Martini, Zeeba - Hear Me Now feat. Zeeba (EDX & Nora En Pure Remix).mp3
028. Kristine Blond - Love Shy (Sam Divine & CASSIMM Extended Remix).mp3
029. Layton Giordani - Where It Begins (Original Mix).mp3
030. Throttle - Hit The Road Jack (Extended Mix).mp3
031. Weiss (UK) - You Better Run (Original Mix).mp3
032. Moby - Go (Victor Ruiz Remix).mp3
033. Chris Lake - I Want You (Original Mix).mp3
034. D.O.D - Sixes (Extended Mix).mp3
035. Robert Nickson - Heliopause (Original Mix).mp3
036. Max Cooper - Organa (Patrice Baumel Remix).mp3
037. Zonderling - Tunnel Vision (Don Diablo Extended Edit).mp3
038. Kellerkind, Sven - Shakti Pan (Original Mix).mp3
039. Secret Cinema & Point Blank (NL) - Meng's Theme (Joris Voorn Remix).mp3
040. Tiesto, Bright Sparks - On My Way (EDX's Miami Sunset Remix – Extended Mix).mp3
041. CamelPhat - Get UP (Original Mix).mp3
042. Waze & Odyssey - Down With Tha (Original Mix).mp3
043. Isolee - Pisco (Original Mix).mp3
044. deadmau5 - Polaris (Original Mix).mp3
045. Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad (Oxia Dub Mix).mp3
046. Armand Van Helden, ANOTR - Funk Phenomena (Extended Mix).mp3
047. Moby - Porcelain (Julian Jeweil Remix).mp3
048. Softmal - Celebrate Good Times (Original Mix).mp3
049. CamelPhat - Lizard King (Original Mix).mp3
050. Frank Caro, Crazibiza, Alemany - Fresh (Charles J Remix).mp3
051. Bakermat - Baby (Extended Mix).mp3
052. Peter Brown - Funkosphere (Original Mix).mp3
053. Still Young - White Label (Is This Love) (Original Mix).mp3
054. Reinier Zonneveld feat. Deva Premal - Invocation (Original Mix).mp3
055. Angelo Ferreri - End Of Street (Original Club Mix).mp3
056. Ki Creighton, Makanan - Trivial (Original Mix).mp3
057. C.Vogt - Purple Hills (YokoO Remix).mp3
058. Cold Blue - Once in Time (Original Mix).mp3
059. Radio Slave - Another Club (Original Mix).mp3
060. Pig&Dan, Adam Beyer - Atmosfear (Original Mix).mp3
061. Groove Armada, Parris Mitchell - House With Me (Andrea Oliva Remix).mp3
062. Mihai Popoviciu - I Should (Original Mix).mp3
063. Mark Reeve - New Path (Original Mix).mp3
064. Black Sun Empire, Prolix - No Advance (Original Mix).mp3
065. Ilario Alicante - Awakened (Original Mix).mp3
066. Antonio Giacca - Soul Motion (Original Club Mix).mp3
067. Brooks, Bassjackers - Joyride (Extended Mix).mp3
068. Kyle Watson - Road Trips (Original Mix).mp3
069. Ida Corr, Oliver Heldens - Good Life feat. Ida Corr (Kryder Extended Remix).mp3
070. Block & Crown, Chris Marina - Is It Love_ (Original Mix).mp3
071. Definition - Pretend To Fly (Original Mix).mp3
072. Secret Cinema, Reinier Zonneveld - Extreem (Original Mix).mp3
073. Juliet Sikora, Return of the Jaded - Did You Take My Money (Original Mix).mp3
074. PAWSA - False Start (Original).mp3
075. J Majik - Love Is Not A Game (feat Kathy Brown - full Intention remix).mp3
076. Ron Costa - Hourncase (Original Mix).mp3
077. Doctor Dru - Praerie (Original Mix).mp3
078. Fady & Mina - Akemi (Extended Mix).mp3
079. DJ Dan - Squissh (Original Mix).mp3
080. Frankey, Sandrino - Wega (Original Mix).mp3
081. Eats Everything, Lord Leopard - Song For (Original Mix).mp3
082. Party Favor - WAWA (Original Mix).mp3
083. Ummet Ozcan - Showdown (Original Mix).mp3
084. Supernova - Get Hot (Original Mix).mp3
085. Green Velvet, Prok & Fitch - Sheeple (Original Mix).mp3
086. Dimension (UK) - Generator (Original Mix).mp3
087. Sonny Fodera, Yasmeen - Caught Up feat. Yasmeen (Sonny Fodera Remix).mp3
088. OC & Verde - Solstice (Original Mix).mp3
089. Weiss (UK) - You Better Run (Dub Mix).mp3
090. Nu - Man O To (Be Svendsen Remix).mp3
091. Tigerskin, Elli, K.E.E.N.E. - Lust (David Mayer Remix).mp3
092. Deorro - Rise and Shine (Original Mix).mp3
093. Latmun - That's Good (Original Mix).mp3
094. Layton Giordani - Tigerlilly (Original Mix).mp3
095. Detlef, Ossey James - Swagon feat. Ossey James (Original Mix).mp3
096. deadmau5, ATTLAS - Bad at Titles (Original Mix).mp3
097. Sam Jones - Good Love (Original Mix).mp3
098. Oxia - Domino (Frankey & Sandrino Remix).mp3
099. Todd Terje - Jungelknugen (Four Tet Remix).mp3
100. Fatima Yamaha - Araya (Original Mix).mp3

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Resident Advisor Top 50 Charted Tracks March 2017

Resident Advisor Top 50 Charted Tracks March 2017
01. Radio Slave - Another Club (Original Mix).mp3
02. Rod - Hor (Original Mix).mp3
03. MATRiXXMAN - Arrival (Original Mix).mp3
04. System2 - Life Sentence (Igor Vicente Remix).mp3
05. Brawther - Soothing.mp3
06. Slam - Vapour (Original Mix).mp3
07. Todd Terje - Jungelknugen (Four Tet Remix).mp3
08. Stekke - Sain (Dee Bufato E-Side Mix)__187kbpsVBR.mp3
09. Ki Creighton, Forrest - Face 2 Face (Original Mix)__128kbps.mp3
10. Oxia - Domino (Frankey & Sandrino Remix).mp3
11. Danny Serrano - Walking (Original Mix).mp3
12. Danny Serrano - Snapp (Original Mix).mp3
13. Amotik - Unnees.mp3
14. Adana Twins - Uncompromising (Original Mix).mp3
15. Oxia - Domino (Robag's Ewel Xmohl Nb).mp3
16. Cleric - Unwanted Arrival (Original Mix).mp3
17. Isolee - Pisco (Original Mix).mp3
18. Cleric - Unwritten Future (Original Mix).mp3
19. Rod - Nitecollage (Original Mix).mp3
20. Henrik Schwarz - Not Also You (Original Mix).mp3
21. Talaboman - Loser's Hymn (Original Mix).mp3
22. Sakro - No Time To Explain.mp3
23. Frankey, Sandrino - Wega (Original Mix).mp3
24. CamelPhat - Hangin Out With Charlie (Original Mix).mp3
25. Waze & Odyssey - Down With Tha (Original Mix).mp3
26. Architectural - Dream Driver (Original Mix).mp3
27. Fiedel - Substance B (Original Mix).mp3
28. Par Grindvik - Detached (Original Mix).mp3
29. Oxia - Domino (Matador Remix).mp3
30. Architectural - Cubismo 8.3 (Original Mix).mp3
31. The Black Madonna - He Is The Voice I Hear (Original Mix).mp3
32. Midland - Final Credits (Original Mix).mp3
33. Phil Kieran - No Life (Roman Flugel Remix).mp3
34. Patrick Siech - Eter (Original Mix).mp3
35. Planetary Assault Systems - Diesel Drudge (Function Rework).mp3
36. Mall Grab - Pool Party Music (Original Mix).mp3
37. Eagles & Butterflies - Experiment E (Original Mix).mp3
38. Baaz - The Reason (Original Mix)__128kbps.mp3
39. atish - Peculiar Colors (Dance Spirit Remix).mp3
40. Khen - Land Of Goshen (Patrice Baumel Remix).mp3
41. Ramiro Lopez - Feel It (Original Mix).mp3
42. Ki Creighton, Makanan - Trivial (Original Mix).mp3
43. Sleeparchive - Grief (Original Mix).mp3
44. Kaelan - Self Deception (Original Version).mp3
45. Space Dimension Controller - Exostack (Original Mix).mp3
46. Octo Octa - Move On (Let Go) (De-Stress Mix).mp3
47. Dodi Palese - Agulhas (Original Mix).mp3
48. Sebo K - Brock Wild (Original Mix)__199kbpsVBR.mp3
49. Frink - Nomad (Original Mix).mp3
50. Nicola Cruz - Tzantza (Simple Symmetry Remix).mp3


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ClubDjz Week 4 April 2017

ClubDjz Partybreaks & Remixes 4-5-17
Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (Big Gigantic Remix).mp3
Anne-Marie - Ciao Adios - Flipside Remix.mp3
BoB Seger vs Tone Loc - Wild BoB (Mashup Dirty).mp3
Caroline D'Amore ft Aya Marar - Love Somebody (DJ Kontrol & MGM Remix) Intro - Clean.mp3
Clean Bandit ft Zara Larsson - Symphony (Country Club Martini Crew Remix) Clean.mp3
Clean Bandit ft. Zara Larsson - Symphony - Jacked Remix.mp3
David Guetta ft Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne - Light My Body Up (Dirty).mp3
Diplo & Autoerotique - Waist Time (LH4L Remix) Clean Deville Cut.mp3
DJ Snake - Propaganda (Valentino Khan Remix) (CK Intro - Clean).mp3
Drake - Passionfruit (Dirty).mp3
Drake - Teenage Fever - Dots Per Inch Remix.mp3
Drake ft Black Coffee & Jorja Smith - Get It Together (Clean).mp3
Ed Sheeran ft Beniton aka Jack Frostt - Shape Of You (Dancehall Remix) (Intro Clean).mp3
El Chombo - El Gato Volador - Bombcat Remix.mp3
Flo Rida vs Men At Work - Cake Down Under (DJ Rock G Mashup Clean).mp3
Future - Mask Off (PeteDown 100 75 Transition Dirty).mp3
Jackson 5 - I Want You Back (Acapella).mp3
Kygo ft Selena Gomez - It Aint Me (PeteDown Moskato Mix Clean).mp3
Marian Hill ft Big Sean - Down (Remix) (CK Intro - Clean).mp3
Maroon 5 ft Future - Cold (Bpm Supreme Remix) (Clean) (Extended).mp3
Migos ft Drake - Versace (Drake Remix) (CK Intro - Clean).mp3
Miley Cyrus ft Jay Z - We Cant Stop (DJ Scooter Remix Dirty).mp3
Missy Elliott - One Minute Man (Jesse Slayter & Saint Remix).mp3
Praiz - Body Hot (Remix) CK Intro Clean.mp3
Smorgasbord - Let It Go On (Bogdanl Remix).mp3
Terror Squad ft Fat Joe - Lean Back (B Phisto Remix Dirty).mp3
The Chainsmokers & Coldplay - Something Just Like This - MDB Remix.mp3
Torey Lanez - Luv Jambe Riddim (Flava Remix).mp3
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll [Lucas Divino Parliament Funk Bootleg].mp3
Young Thug & Travis Scott - Pick Up The Phone [Gangsigns Remix].mp3
Z - Nobodys Better f. Fetty Wap [Sisco Kennedy Edit] - introclean.mp3
Zara Larsson - So Good f. Ty Dolla $ign [Futose Remix] - clean.mp3
Zay Hilfigerrr - Juju On Dat Beat [Muffin Remix].mp3
Zeds Dead & Diplo - Blame f. Elliphant [Nebbra Remix].mp3

ClubDjz Partybreaks & Remixes 4-7-17
Anthem Kingz - Bad And Boujee (Kingz Big Room Smasher).mp3
Aqcora - Faith (Original Mix).mp3
Ariana Grande X Skrillex ft K Stylis - Side To Side (Jpan Bootleg).mp3
Beenie Man - Dude (Dj Hope Aca Intro).mp3
Big Sean - Moves (DJ Yaz Remix).mp3
Cali Swag District vs Ariana Grande - Dougie vs Side To Side (Rizzo Wordplay Segue Ariana Verse Clean).mp3
Carl Douglas - Kung Fu Fighting (Danarchy Remix).mp3
Chris Brown & Gucci Mane - Party (Dj Sayze Edit).mp3
Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Starjack Melbourne Mash) Clean.mp3
DJ Khaled ft T-Pain - All I Do Is Win 75-128 Transition (Serafin vs Starjack) (kevvyT Melbounce Edit Short).mp3
Don Omar vs Starjack - Danza Kuduro (2015 Latino Power Bounce Edit CK Cut Clean 130).mp3
Ed Sheeran - Shape Of You (Knowledj 100 126 Transition).mp3
Fat Joe X Nicki Minaj X Club Killers - Lean Back (DJ Ashley Alexander Bootleg).mp3
Garmiani ft Walshy Fire - Voodoo (The Partysquad Moombahton RMX - Super Short Edit).mp3
Hb Monte & Lumidee - Luv Ya Better (Radio Edit).mp3
Hot Sauce - Nothing You Could Do (Original Mix).mp3
Humanap ka ng panget - Andrew E (Dj Shaqwave).mp3
Ini Kamoze - Here Comes The Hotstepper (Full Tilt Remix).mp3
Kent Jones ft Ty Dolla Sign, Lil Dicky & E 40 - Sit Down (Clean).mp3
Lady Bee x Tommy Trash x Starjack - Lord of The Gunshot (Eric Forbes Bootleg 128).mp3
Luis Fonsi ft Daddy Yankee - Despacito (B Phisto Remix).mp3
Lumidee - Never Leave You (Dani Wallace 2k17 MoombahDrums).mp3
Major Lazer & DJ Snake ft Mo vs Runaground - Lean On vs Chase You Down (Clean).mp3
Major Lazer ft DJ Snake - Lean On (Anthony Zolano Remix).mp3
Maroon 5 ft Future - Cold (Benja Styles Remix Clean).mp3
Mary J Blige & Ape Drums & Naffz - Familly Recess (Dj Sayze Edit).mp3
Melbourne - Melbourne (Original Mix).mp3
Migos ft Lil Uzi Vert X Steven Montana & Timmo Handricks X Aylen & Divide - Show Me The Bad & Boujee Smack (Knowledj Mashup).mp3
Paolo M - Sucker MCs (Original Mix).mp3
Pierdo La Cabeza - Zion Y Lennox - DJBill - House Bootleg - 128BPM.mp3
Pitbull vs Mr. Black & WAO - Don't Stop The Party (R-You Edit) (Clean).mp3
Sage The Gemini - Now and Later (Henry Fong RMX - Super Short Edit) .mp3
Shenseea - Yuh Lie (Dirty).mp3
Starjack DJ SNAKE x MERCER x MADDIX - LUNATIC ZODIAC (aca in big room hitter)[Clean, Acap-IN, Beat-OUT, Quick-Hit].mp3
Steve Aoki X Dropkick Murphys X Deceptaconz - Shipping Up To Boston (Knowledj Edit).mp3
The Weekend & Daft Punk - I Feel It Coming (Mr Collipark Remix Clean).mp3
Travis Scott X Jack U - Goosebumps (Jpan Bootleg).mp3
Trey Songz - She Lovin It (Sisco Kennedy Intro Edit Clean).mp3
Uncle Murda ft Young MA & Dios Moreno - Thot (Dirty).mp3
Vanity 6 - Nasty Girl (Yellow Dub Remix).mp3
Vanrip - Music Sounds Better With You (Bobby Love Remix).mp3
Wale ft G Eazy - Fashion Week (Mixshow Clean).mp3
Zedd X Alessia Cara X Nicky Romero X Kahikko - Stay (Jpan Bootleg).mp3

ClubDjz Partybreaks & Remixes 4-22-17
DJ MIKE G - Bad And Boujee Poison (2017 Club Banger MashUp).mp3
DJ MIKE G - Bad Barbra Streisand Boujee (2017 Club Banger MashUp).mp3
DJ MIKE G - Bad Commas (2017 Hip Hop MashUp Blend).mp3
DJ MIKE G - Blow Bad And Boujee (2017 Club Banger MashUp).mp3
DJ MIKE G - Dr Dre Still Dre (2017 Hip Hop Party Break).mp3
DJ MIKE G - Ed Sheeran Shape Of You (2017 Hype Party Intro).mp3
DJ MIKE G - Jason Derulo Ft Nicki Minaj Ty Dolla Sign Swalla (2017 Club Banger Rework).mp3
DJ MIKE G - Ju Ju On That Pimp (2017 Club Party MashUp).mp3
DJ MIKE G - Let Me Clear It Coming (2017 Club Party MashUp).mp3
DJ MIKE G - Maroon 5 Ft Future Cold (2017 Club Banger Remix).mp3
DJ MIKE G - Mike WiLL Made It Ft Lil Yachty Carly Rae Jepsen It Takes Two (2017 Club Party ReDrum).mp3
DJ MIKE G - Pety Pablo Ft Ciara Goodies (2017 Hype ReDrum).mp3
DJ MIKE G - Shape Of You In Da Club (2017 Club Party MashUp).mp3
DJ MIKE G - Swalla She Wrote (2017 Club Party MashUp).mp3
DJ MIKE G - The Chainsmokers Ft Coldplay Something Just Like This (2017 Peakhour Banger).mp3
DJ MIKE G - The Eagles Heartache Tonight (Classic 70s Rock ReDrum).mp3
DJ MIKE G - Treat Shape Of You Better (2017 Party MashUp).mp3
Thomas_Rhett_Star_Of_The_Show_2017_Country_ReDrum (1).mp3
Zaiyon McCall Dj Nelson S - Juju On Da Beat (Multi Blend Edit) 83 Bpm Dirty.mp3

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